Grandma’s rambling again

Here’s a new thought! Does anybody read books anymore? I just saw an ad for a Kindle which looks just like a computer to me. I don’t think that would hold the same effect for me as reading an actual book. The excitement when you carefully open it and crease the pages so you don’t break the spine. And the new-print smell, and all that lovely text you have not experienced yet.

The pleasure it gives you to read a character or place description and picture it in your mind. Books need to be read in your favorite chair, with your Pepsi on the table beside you and your feet up on an ottoman. In the quiet and peace of a rainy afternoon or early evening. I am pretty sure I don’t want to read from a computer, I want to feel the book in my hands, be able to close it when I wish and return when I wish. I guess I am old-fashioned.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like computers. In fact, I spend a lot of my time on the computer. I love getting my email and researching things that pique my interests. Even do a little gaming…. will talk about that later. Heh.

Well, I just came in from outside trying to weed. What a frustrating thing that is. I have lovely roses and a nice long flowerbed in front of the house and with all the rains we have had, the weeds are doing quite well. Three pulls with the hoe and I am exhausted, breathing hard and need to sit down. I must admit that diabetes, fibromyalgia and asthma do play a part in this poor physical health but age does not help either. I have a phone number of a teenager the pastor at the local church gave me and I am going to call and ask how much he will charge to do it for me. I hope I can afford it. I remember it how nice it was to have growing sons around when ranch work needed to be done

We seem to have new neighbors moving in so we just walked over to meet them. A young family moving in with a 4 year old and 3 Chihuahuas! Oh boy, adopted grandson and dogs to play with! They seem like a very nice couple so hope it all works out well. There was something called “The Welcome Wagon” years ago when new people moved in. A volunteer came by with coupons and phone books and emergency numbers and things a family new to the area family would need. I wonder why they stopped doing that. It really helped me a few times.

Okay, figure I have rambled enough for today. I think my BFF is probably getting tired of reading my blog. After all, she has listened to me for years!

Some more cowboy wisdom: If you lend someone $20, and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.

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5 Responses to Grandma’s rambling again

  1. Eleanor says:

    I love reading but when I moved to a non-English speaking country I found that buying imported British/American books here was very expensive. So when I was last back in good old England I bought a Sony e-reader. I thought that it would feel strange to read books on it, but it’s actually great. I know what you mean though. I used to be very proud of my book collection.

    • jaelith says:

      I imagine it is much easier to carry around or move your collection now, too! I visited your site and really enjoyed the pictures. I need a lot more time to look at everything. I wanted to link to your site but am still learning how to blog so just mentioned it in my recent post. Thanks for looking at my blog!

      • Eleanor says:

        Yes, it’s crazy really. I have hundreds of books all contained in something that weighs less than a normal paperback. Sometimes technology really astounds me. The only problem is I don’t dare to use it on the bus here. I just keep it for use at home.

  2. Dee H. says:

    I never get tired of listening to/reading you! I agree–I’m a die-hard “actual” book reader. I may get an ipod, but not a kindle. BTW, I’ve sent samples of your blog toRo and to Jack & Sue Hill (Teri’s folks). Also, I got to thinking that if you could find SOME category that your musings may fit in, you might get more readership than being “uncategorized”.

  3. Lehq says:

    I go for both. e-Readers like Kindle is really convenient. However, when it comes to personal favs, I still go for the good ol’ traditional hardcover, coz well, it’s not just the texts, there’s also things like the presentation, layout of the book itself that an e-Reader simply cannot emulate. Well, in generally, I’ll go for e-books first, and if I really like the book, I’ll get the hard copy for collections’ sake.

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