More musings

More Musings:  I think my best friend is the only one reading this blog so I want to tell her how much she means to me. Too often one does not put into words what one feels so this is an easy way to do it! Lol To My BFF: You are someone who is always there when I need you. You are my Rock in this world of confusion and anxiety and pain. You are the kindest and most caring person I have ever met and I could go on and on but I really want you to know that knowing you has enriched my life and I thank you for being there. I love you.

Easter is fast approaching and the end of Lent. You will never guess what I gave up for Lent. Tell you a secret: I have four chocolate bunnies in the cabinet just waiting for me! The Church proceedings leading up to Easter have always depressed me but when Easter comes with all it’s joy, I feel marvelous! If you have ever been to a Catholic Easter Vigil, you know what I mean.

You-all did realize the Ten Commandments are not multiple-choice?

I think writing a blog is much harder to do than I thought. I am not sure but I think it is just another way to waste time on the computer!

I was watching Jay Leno the other night and he did his “Jaywalking skit”. Watching the young people he talked to was enough to scare a person to death. It was almost like these young people were from outer space. They knew nothing about their current government, nothing about past history. The girls seemed to think if they had boobs and were cute, that was all they needed to get along. These are the people who hold our future in their hands? Thank God I watched Jeopardy and they had their Teen Tournament so I realized that there are still young people who care about our world and have some real “smarts”, as we used to call it.

And then that starts me on something else. I don’t think there are three more hateful words in the English language than “I used to”. When I find myself using them, I want to kick myself. I used to be able to do endurance rides (when I was 30), I used to be able to dance and stay up all night (still when I was in my 30s), ad infinitum. I can’t do those things anymore, I can only remember doing them and I must be satisfied with that. Sometimes it seems to be a very hard thing to do. They say that women go through three stages in their life: maiden, wife, crone. I did not realize that I would not stay a maiden all my life! Sure glad I did not get tattoos on some of those parts that are now not where they used to be!!

Will Rogers Cowboy Wisdom: Never kick a cow chip on a hot day!

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One Response to More musings

  1. Dee H. says:

    Aw-w-w–thank you. I can turn all those compliments right back to you. I think I’ll suggest your blog to Teri’s folks. They’d get a kick out of it, and Jack particularly is good at giving responses. I love what you wrote about about “use to” and Leno’s jaywalking. That segment always made me cringe! I love you, Girl.

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