Found the most fun site today, it has you take a little test and then describes your personality. I know, I know, there are so many of these out there but this one really nailed me right on the button. Try it and see what you think.   While I am on the subject of websites, here is another one I quite like They have answers and advice on just about everything! 

 Had my ears pierced at the Beauty Shop, full of young girls. Got two piercings in each ear and felt real bold until they suggested I get another piercing or two, maybe one in my boob and one in my navel? I looked at them and said “well, I would only need one piercing, as they are both in the same place”. Another perk of getting older. Well that story probably embarrassed both my children extremely.

 I’d like to tell you about my children. They are of course, all grown up with children of their own. My daughter is now a grandmother, as well.  My daughter worked at the public school in her neighborhood teaching autistic children. We had the chance to observe during one of our visits to the state where she lives. I have to tell you, my daughter is an awesome woman. She has so much compassion and caring and just fills me with pride and awe that she is my daughter. She is also very talented. She is a scrap-booker and teaches classes on that. It always amazes me what she can do with that and the creations she can make. I was a free-lance graphic artist and copy writer long and long ago, but with today’s graphics online, not much call for hand drawings. Anyhow, scrap-booking is beyond me! She has two boys and a girl and one of the boys has a two boys and a girl. 



My son is a pilot, not only a pilot, but a good pilot.  When he was in the Air Force he kept complaining that every time they had a visiting General, he had to be the one who took him up in his plane. I told him they wanted to make sure the General got back safely!  He now flies for UPS and flies the MD111, the largest cargo plane in the air. Just looking at pictures of it makes my mouth drop open. It is huge. I don’t know how it stays up. This is the kid I could not keep away from or out of the river when he was little and we went camping, so I tied him to the camper with 30-ft of clothesline rope. My rope does not reach as far as the cockpit of that plane.  😦 He has a boy and a girl. 

And I am always complaining that they live too far away from me. My friend got me signed up with Skype so at least I can talk to them and see them. Except I have my qualms about talking on a video phone and letting people see me at any time. You know, just out of bed with bleary eyes and a coffee cup wondering who and where you are because you have not had any coffee yet? Makes me a little leery, it does.

Today’s shot of cowboy wisdom: Worry is like a rockin’ horse. It’s something to do that don’t get you nowhere.




 ps I hope I learn how to do this one of these days… 





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