Accidental cleaning

Have you ever accidentally cleaned? I went looking for a computer CD I just knew I had in a box somewhere and ended up on the floor with three boxes and computer CD’s all over the place. Lots of them were old and out-dated but several were backups and clipart and stuff you want to keep. Never mind that it probably won’t run on my computer, it’s stuff I want to keep. Two broken fingernails and three hours later, I had everything re-organized and yes, I did find the CD I wanted… eventually. But I had not planned to do that with my day.  

As Robert Burns said in his poem To a Mouse “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.” So true!

 Have to chuckle a little whenever I watch our local news. One of the anchors is named Kira Klapper and she introduces the weatherman Cort Klopping who is filling in for Kurt Kyhper. You remember that famous skit with Johnny Carson and Sgt. Friday (Jack Webb) about the Clapper Caper? Laugh every time I see it! 

Met a lady in the grocery store the other day who was buying salt for canning. We got into a conversation about how nobody really does any canning anymore. If you ever did canning, you can remember the sense of accomplishment and pride you had as you looked at the rows of jars stored in the pantry: green beans, beets, asparagus, peaches, pears, cherries, etc., etc. What a lot of work! But how very satisfying. And that makes me think of other things we did long and long ago. I remember when my babies were born, I made the diapers. Yep, bought muslin and sewed the diapers for the babies. We lived in a cold climate and when I washed them and hung them out on the line, I remember bringing in stacks of stiff, cold diapers that had to warm up before I could fold them!  

This is Rodeo Week in our town. The biggest 3-day rodeo around. The whole town gets into the act and everybody is supposed to dress Western. What? The town normally dresses western…this is a cow town. Oh, maybe not so much anymore, we are getting more and more folks who are not ranchers, horsemen, or cowboys. During the Roundup Parade, they used to run a herd of ‘wild’ horses down the streets. Not really wild, the rodeo horses. Anyhow, can’t do that anymore because some people do not know how to act around this kind of thing and might get hurt. Bah. Anyhow, they have 11 days of events going on, like cowboy poetry, western movie at the theater, downtown chili-cookoff, street dance, stick-horse rodeo for the kids and lots of fun things. On Sunday they have a Cowboy Church Service.  Do you remember street dances? They block off part of the main street and usually have a live band and you can dance to your heart’s content. I loved to go to the dances!   

Well I notice I am just rambling today, not ranting. I must be feeling mellow. *grins*  

Wisdom for today: Lord, keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth!

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One Response to Accidental cleaning

  1. Dee H. says:

    Not only have I accidentally cleaned, I’ve also wound up half-assed cleaning several rooms at once as I find things out of place and take them to the room where they belong and get caught up in straightening out THAT room, etc. PLEASE keep writing. You have a natural, winning style. ❤

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