Bits & Pieces

I just spent 3 of the most frustrating hours on the computer!  About enough to make a person give up. I hate Facebook. I thought it would be nice to keep up on what my children and friends are doing but now apparently someone on Facebook thinks I am a man because I am getting all these, let’s say less than nice offers. My email box is filling up with them. I tried to contact the administrators of Facebook…….forget it! There is NO WAY to contact them…unless I can find out their private email addresses.  Hmm

Then the rest of the time I spent trying to get Google to accept my blog address into its search engine so I might attract more readers. I am an old lady, I do NOT KNOW what Meta Tag or DNS is. Well, I do know what HTML is but still could not make it work. Arrrgh. I think I will go play my MMPRPG and kill stuff! Heh

Several hours later: okay I feel much better now. Was thinking about my father today. He was born in Mississippi and a staunch Southern Baptist. He was very stern, but had a great sense of humor and was quite a handsome man. He had a lovely singing voice and sometimes in the evenings we would all sit around and sing. Lots of different songs, popular and country and especially gospel. He took me hunting with him and taught me to shoot.  He took me fishing, as well. He called me “Butch” until I grew up and then he called me “Duchess”. I remember one time when we were fishing for sunfish, and it was so quiet and the little creek was running softly and it was warm in the sun. Suddenly my Daddy said “Run for the fence”. And when Daddy said to do something, you did it, no questions asked. I ran for my life and when we got to the fence, Daddy threw me over it and climbed right behind me….just in front of the bull! Whoa. And it was not Ferdinand, either. It was a very big black bull. I had to leave my fishing pole and my fishes but Daddy went back and retrieved everything later.

You know my Daddy has been gone for many years now but it is so nice to have all these memories I can look back and smile at. I remember lots of good times. How marvelous it would be if you could just remember the good times and filter the bad ones out. Unfortunately your memory seems to be neutral, letting all kinds of things slip through. Now there is something to research a little, why does your memory do that?  Why does a sound or a smell or a sight, trigger a memory? Off to the internet!

Ok, sometimes it can be a real frustrating mess (as I earlier ranted about)  but others it can be so informative and exciting and really fun. I don’t mean the chat rooms and the social networks, but just researching different things. I can research my ancestors, look at museums, see history in action and watch live web-cams of aquariums and zoos. A g-many-times-grandfather was born in 1648? What was happening in the world in 1648…look it up on the internet…it’s there! And Google images, there are some for 1648. How fascinating is that?

The thought for the day:  All of us have moments in out lives that test our courage. Taking children into a house with a white carpet is one of them.   Erma Bombeck


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  1. Dee H. says:

    I wondered why I got this one “google” blog posting with nothing else. Figured it had to be a mistake.

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