Long and long ago


As I have indicated before, I have been researching my Family Genealogy, hoping to be related to a Royal Family or a President or at least some Celebrity. So far this has not happened but I have traced my roots back to England and Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Switzerland. (I always did want to learn to yodel). I have found Quakers and Protestant Ministers. My folks did not come over on the Mayflower but did come close afterward on ships bearing them to the new land. I cannot but be in awe of the hardships these brave pioneers faced and am so proud to be a descendant of their line. I have veterans of the Revolutionary War, The War of 1812 and the Civil War, on both sides!  In researching the history of these events, it is again brought sharply into focus the enormous sacrifices and strength of these forebears of mine. It makes me feel like a very small piece in the Universe’s Great Plan.

 I have a lot of Irish ancestors and have been looking at Irish history. This is a fascinating type of research. Imagine what your ancestor was doing in 1690 in Ireland? Was he lounging idle in his elegant bedrooms in the castle, sitting at the head table or serving at it? Working in the kitchens, or fields or riding off to War? Wouldn’t it be marvelous if you could have a small peek at what he/she was doing? 

We were coming home from the grocery store today and saw a pasture full of little lambs with their mommas and a large llama to guard them! What a lovely sight. Made me remember sitting on the lawn at my grandpa’s feeding milk to the little baby lambs. Grandpa took an old beer bottle, cut off the finger of a pair of rubber gloves and made a nipple. Those little lambs really hung on to that. I remember looking up at them as I was so small, probably about 4 years old. Anyhow, I also remember looking up at the fence and seeing all their little tails hanging there. I never knew why grandpa cut off their tails but there they were! 

Speaking about the llama guarding the sheep, I learned quite a bit about llamas at the last fair we had. The lady told me that llamas do not consider themselves to be prey, so they do not run, they either attack or defend. Imagine old mister coyote sneaking up on the herd to snatch a baby and instead of everybody running away, he finds himself getting the stuffing stomped out of him. Bet he would be one surprised coyote. Go, llama!   My son has five llamas and I guess they are rescue animals. They do not have anything for them to guard and he is gone so much that they just kind of stand around looking elegant. I have not seen them yet but do look forward to meeting them. I think they rescued them from some relative.

I will leave you with the latest ‘elder humor’ I found.

 Elder Wisdom: WARNING! NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

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One Response to Long and long ago

  1. Dee H. says:

    I admire your researching your lineage. I’m leaving that up to my oldest niece (in S.D.) who just had her third child–their first girl. So she’s probably taking a break from research. I am happy to have either copies or originals of a lot of old documents from Italy. Even though I can’t read most of them, I can tell whether they are birth, baptism or marriage certificates, etc.

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