Grandpa’s Farm

Saturday 16 –skipped

Sunday 17 – Grandpa’s Farm

I decided to write down all the things I could remember about my time on Grandpa’s farm while I was still able to remember. Remarkably, most of these memories are between the ages of about 18 months and 4 years old.

I spent a lot of my time on the farm with Grandpa saying, “don’t do this” and agreeing immediately that I wouldn’t and then going ahead and doing what I wanted. Thankfully I survived my mishaps with only a few scars to show! We had a border collie-type dog they called Collie on the farm, and my mother told me that at 18 months she could set me outside the screen door and that dog took care of me. I remember her quite well and do remember the time she pulled me out of the corral by the seat of the pants. I also remember very well the time I ran into the chicken yard and the gate sprung shut. Collie backed up and jumped the gate but by the time she got there, I was on the ground with a huge white leghorn rooster spurring my cheek. He also nearly put my eye out, the scar was so close. Anyhow, Collie grabbed him off of me and killed him on the spot. She had never killed a chicken before and never did again but she was protecting me. I still carry that scar even though it has moved away from my eye but I don’t like birds that are NOT in cages! Lol

Another time I recall is when one of the sows had little piglets. Grandpa told me don’t play with them as the sow is mean. Welllll, there I was, sitting in the pen by the pighouse with a lap full of little piglets and the sow came around the corner of the house. She looked like a locomotive and sounded like it, too. I jumped to my feet, sending piglets flying all over and ran for the fence. We had a fence made of wood placed crosswise and I hit the lower gap between the fence and the ground and slid through. That sow hit the fence and it creaked all over but it held. I was pretty muddy and pretty scared and Collie was nowhere in site. I think she minded Grandpa better than I did.

Grandpa had cherry trees in the orchard and I frequently climbed as high as I could and ate cherries. I loved to climb trees. Anyhow, my Aunt Tena would come out and say, “If you come down out of the cherry tree, I will make you a cherry pie.” Good way to get me right out of the tree!

I already told you about feeding the little lambs. One thing I still feel guilty about is the kittens in the barn. Grandpa said not to play with them as they were too little and until their eyes opened we should leave them alone. Unfortunately I again misbehaved and handled all of them and they all died. I was devastated. How can a 4-year old have a conscience? I don’t know, but I still remember it.

Grandpa also had two while mules he plowed with, Jenny and Jack. You could ride Jack but had to leave Jenny alone because she was mean.

We had an outhouse, a two-holer, with a lower seat for little ones.  We had a barn, corrals and a corn-crib. There were rats in the corn crib so the cats had a ball.

We also had cows Grandpa milked and I sat on the floor and watched him milk and then spray milk in the mouths of several cats who sat on the floor, too! I never heard Grandpa say bad words until one day one of the cows hit him in the face with her tail and it had manure on it! He did let loose then!

Well that’s all for today. Maybe more will come back to me soon.

Cowboy Wisdom for today: There are two theories for arguing with a woman: neither one works!

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One Response to Grandpa’s Farm

  1. Dee H. says:

    Growing up in the south on a farm is a little like growing up in an earlier century. Life was “simple”, yet it could be harsh. Please don’t misinterpret what I mean when I say that your childhood reminiscences transport us to a bygone era. You’re not that old, but your early memories reflect the nostalgic life of long ago. Very sweet and touching.

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